Shops & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment Act :

The registration of shops and establishments is a state-based labour law enacted in the particular state in which particularly the shops or establishment is founded, thereby enabling the State Government to control the standards of jobs by recommending payment of salaries, starting and shutting the shop / business hours and to compensate for lawfully enforceable commitments of company entities of workplace privileges in the unorganized work market, and to offer basic wages and compensation to unorganized workers in the industry. Which is essentially the welfare of the employees in the unorganized sector? This is issued per premises and does not have a centralized registration concept.

The Shops & Establishments Act registration is applicable, if you are opening a shop or commercial establishment in the respective state. Now you can register your business in Delhi under Delhi Shop & Establishment Act 1954. The Shop and Establishment Act in India was implemented to govern the rights and working conditions of workers that are employed in the unorganized sector. The act requires all commercial establishments like theaters, eateries, hotels, amusement parks, shops, retail/trade business, etc. to apply for the license and registration within 30 days of commencing the business.

The Act asks the employers to declare the following:

The shop and establishment registration is required while establishing any commercial place and is a state-based registration for which rules vary according to the state. The commercial establishment as defined in the Act include:

Documents :
You will also need to submit the following information:
Shops And Establishments Act License Renewal:

As this registration is governed by the state, the procedure may be a little different in every state. Any shop or commercial establishment that commences operations must apply to the Chief Inspector for a Shop and Establishment Act License within 30 days. Do note that renewal must be completed before expiry of the license.


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