Foreign Owners

Foreign Company in India:

In this article, we will focus on registration of a company in India through foreign investment. This is the easiest way by which the foreign nationals and companies can enter Indian market as foreign direct investment up to 100% is allowed in private limited company or limited company, wherein no Central Government permission is required. In gist, opening a private limited company or a foreign company or a joint venture is cheapest, easiest and fastest for foreign nationals or foreign company.

Definition: As per section 2 (42) of Companies act 2013, “foreign company” is any company or body corporate which is situated outside India but;

  • It has a registered place in India either by physical or electronic mode or owned by company itself or through representative, agent or manager.
  • Does any kind of permitted business in India


To start a Private Company (here subsidiary of foreign company) in India, a minimum of two people and a place of business in India are required. A private limited company in India must have a minimum of two directors and a minimum of two shareholders. As per section 149 (3) of companies act 2013, it is compulsory that to register a private limited company, at least one director has to be Indian citizen and Resident.

Further, to register the Indian subsidiary of foreign company, an authorized representative must be appointed by the company, who shall be responsible for registration process and all the communication with the MCA in this regards.

A place of business in India is required to serve as the registered office of the Company. The city in which the registered office address of the company will be setup will also determine the legal jurisdiction applicable for the company.

Registration of Company in Foreign Country

Doing business overseas and developing globally is the fundamental aspect of every business. In fact, global growth is a defining point and a matrix that rates the success of any business. To incorporate the business overseas or to relocate your existing business is quite a challenging task that requires an astute mix of proper management planning, logistical support, financial flows, precise jurisdictions, tax incentives, knowledge of marketing policies, etc.

Incorporating or registering a company overseas is one of the pivotal ways to manage worldwide commercial activities. Business setup outside India is an excellent approach for every business firm to expand its presence across the world by optimising its capital, manpower, technology and information. A country that not only ranks high in terms of ease of doing business but also offers maximum tax benefits is indeed the best location for residents across the world to incorporate a Company.

To ensure, smooth expansion of client’s businesses, we provide a ‘one stop solutions’ under a single roof to all its international clients. Among various value added services for its global customers helps relocate existing business across the world. The Firm has panels of proficient experts who have several years of experience in their respective domains and offers tailor-made company formation services. We are dealing with registration in under mentioned types of company in foreign country.

  • US Incorporation
  • Singapore Incorporation
  • UK Incorporation
  • Netherland Incorporation
  • Hong Cong Incorporation
  • Malasia Incorporation
  • China Incorporation
  • Dubai Incorporation
  • Australia Incorporation
  • And many more

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